I send the 5 hro principlets to read and also safety .

What does HRO and Safety mean to you? This for a video. I send the 5 HRO principlets to read and also safety . This a 1 minute video presentation.


Must include interests and interdisciplinary interests.

Must include interests and interdisciplinary interests. I am interested in organic and Materials Chemistry.


Use the income statement questions word document as you complete the excel income statementdownload excel income statement by entering the supplied values from the word document for march and april.

Use the Income Statement Questions Word document as you complete the Excel Income StatementDownload Excel Income Statement by entering the supplied values from the Word document for March and April. Once you have completed the entries on the Income Statement, use the totals to answer questions on the Income Statement Questions Word document

Business and Management

Requirement for this work:

Requirement for this work:
Identify a sector in which you may want to apply for a position in Changi Airport Group, Singapore(CAG) – Please refer to PPT Named “Assess03Example” for detail explanation on requirement.
Analyse that company using the management theory tools (SWot – Focusing on Strength and Weakness only & VRIO Analysis)
Analyse one of the job descriptions you found and see if you can find a way to strengthen the description using management theory (Leadership, Ethics/CSR, Green HRM) and sustainability focused thinking
Focus on scholarly rationale as you go through your D – I – E – P (Describe, Interpret, Evaluate & Plan) structure –
Support your work with 8-12 scholarly references from high quality business journals (ABDC list). In addition, please source your own references to provide context for the business sector you chose (4-6 references).
Use the answers you have been collecting in your weekly diary to build out your reflection
Below are some links to Changi Airport Group Singapore


Please reach out to me if you need anything.

I will attach the instructions along with two example papers. I have chosen a study about nyc housing as my project number 1 topic. Also, I will send you the password and add the datas needed for the project but for now, I have included the data needed in a csv file. Please reach out to me if you need anything.


Try to identify the most salient problems and strengths, and then discuss those in depth, rather than superficially discussing everything.

Story to critique is attached. PLEASE go by these guidelines and answer the questions. Keep it relatively simple.
1. Read carefully and try to understand what the author is doing, or better yet, what the story is doing. (e.g., If a character’s motivation is implausible and the world of the story seems otherwise to be a logical one, then perhaps this is a problem. If on the other hand, the universe of the story seems deliberately absurd, then perhaps it’s not).
2. Think about form. What is the point of view, and how is it helping and/or hindering the story as a whole? What is the conflict? Is it resolved? How? How much of the story is summary? How much is scene? What methods are being used to develop characters and setting? Are the characters well fleshed out? Is the setting being used to further the story? Etc.
3. Try to identify the most salient problems and strengths, and then discuss those in depth, rather than superficially discussing everything.
4. Be specific and support your assertions. Don’t, for example, simply write “The point of view in this story is inconsistent.” Instead, explain how for most of the story we seem to be looking at events through, say, Peter’s perspective, but then, in a few places we get what seems to be editorial omniscient commentary. You should then go on to cite an example from the story: “But this was not an ordinary expression of disbelief. This came from somewhere deep in the dregs of Peter’s being…”(3) “In our most righteous moments we feel that nature emphasizes with us…”(7)
5. Try framing your assertions as observations and questions: “I noticed that in a few places the narrative shifts from Peter’s perspective into an editorial omniscient voice (give examples). I wondered if there was a reason for this.” Try also framing your advice as a question: “I wonder if this story would benefit if the point of view stayed closer to Peter throughout.”
6. Strive to be supportive, but also honest. Good criticism, like good writing, is specific and concrete.

Business and Management

The real estate industry.

Identify and explore a specific problem that exists somewhere in
the three-stage / 5 link value chain framework we use to describe
the real estate industry. Please don’t mention interest rates!
Please see attachment


Your submission should be at least 4-5 paragraphs, 3-5 sentences each, and cover the information listed above.

Module 5 and 6 Discussion: Western Medicine and Diverse Healing Practices
Directions: Some components of western medicine are melorism, dominance over nature, activism, timeliness, therapeutic aggression, future orientation and standardization. For this assignment, select a culture that is represented in your workplace or one in a prior workplace.
Based on the information in Modules 5 and 6, submit the following:
Select two of the components of western medicine and discuss a scenario (fiction or nonfiction) when those components can negatively affect patient outcomes. Ensure the elements in the readings are discussed in this assignment. Also, discuss how this experience with healing practices was foreign to western medicine and your nursing practice in relation to protecting or maintaining health with this culture. Give specific examples on how the interaction have been more culturally sensitive?
Discuss and reflect on what you learned relating to this culture and the healing practice during your experience
Discuss your experience and how you would apply an ethical principle.
Your submission should be at least 4-5 paragraphs, 3-5 sentences each, and cover the information listed above.
Submission: Post an original thread in the discussion board. It should not be an attachment or written in APA format, but be sure to cite your sources within your post using the correct APA format. Reply to three classmate’s postings to obtain all your points.
Grading: This discussion, along with the Module 6 discussion have been merged and are now worth 100 points and will be graded using the Module 5 and 6 Nursing Discussion rubric. Use the information in the rubric as a guide toward successful completion of this module’s discussion.

Communications and Media

Once you have completed your final revisions, upload this to blackboard as a pdf.

Format: One-page product overview, at least 12pt font, 1-inch margins, featuring a meaningful graphic/illustration, uploaded to Blackboard by the due date.
You will complete this assignment in a few different stages. First, you will choose your product. It should be something already existing and have plenty of readily information available about it. You want to be able to research competitors, costs, and benefits in order to construct your one-pager. After that, you will engage in several rounds of peer review and editing during class. Your professor will provide further details about this process. Once you have your product, conduct some initial research and then put together a publish that contains all the following information
A brief, descriptive project title (2-4 words).
The 3 nearest competitors (existing solutions) and price.
Business contact information
A description of the product opportunity you have identified. Your description may include any of the following: Documentation of the market need, shortcomings of existing competitive products, and definition of the target market and its size. This will likely highlight your unique selling proposition.
A meaningful graphic (that you create) and (if relevant) an illustration of the product
Once you have completed your final revisions, upload this to Blackboard as a PDF.
The assignment is designed to help you develop a concise, engaging, and clear overview of a product in the form of a “one pager.” A one-pager is an increasingly common marketing tool, used to give an overview of a company, product, or service that can easily be shared and digested. The goal of this assignment is to help you practice how to create this specific genre (the one-pager) as well as practicing concision and clarity. Since all the information about the product or service is already existing, your job is to synthesize it into a concise and compelling package.
The task links to the following course-level learning objectives:
Produce clear, concise, and persuasive professional communication of various types.
Produce evidence-based and argumentatively sound professional communication of various types.
Habitually revise and edit work before sending, delivering, or submitting it.

American History

Who is “he” that the colonists refer to?

Declaration of Independence in the American Perspectives E-Reader on page 202-204. (questions 1-6)
The Bill of Rights in the American Perspectives E-Reader on pages 233 – 235….. (question 7)
Questions 1-4 & 8-9 are worth 2 points each. Questions 5 & 8 points. Questions 6 & 7 4 points.
1. What is the goal of the writers of the document?
2. Why are they writing the document?
3. What rights are the writers claiming that they have?
4. What is the purpose of government?
5. How many grievances are in the document? List at least 8.
6. Who is “HE” that the colonists refer to? Why do you think that they blame him?
7. After reading the Bill of Rights, identify at least 2 out of the 10 Amendments that are inspired by the Declaration of Independence and explain why you chose those 2.
8. Provide a Turabian Format source citation for each document. (one source found in another source).
9. FIND: A scholarly website where you can find the Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights and provide an accurate source citation for these items. (cite a website).
10. Consider the Declaration of Independence for a moment. Do you think that the colonists had legitimate complaints about Great Britain (government), do you think that they were being too foolish, or do you think that independence would have happened eventually? Explain your answer.