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100-300 word response to the discussion post below Cantrell DISCUSSION BOARD 1

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100-300 word response to the discussion post below
Key Term and Why You Are Interested in It
The key term that I am interested in, is culture as the shared values and beliefs are a
strong bond that can either be detrimental to an organization or one of the organizations greatest
assets. This term interests me because of the impact an organizations culture can have on its
surroundings, individuals, and other organizations in a positive or negative manner depending on
the organizations culture and how it enables an organization to interact with each other.
According to the article, “Organizational Culture and Business Strategy: Connection and Role
for A Company Survival” which goes on to say, “intangible sources start to play a special role in
improving the companies’ competitiveness” (Krupskyi & Kuzmytska, 2020 p.2). The article
describes organizational culture as an intangible asset that is imperative to an organizations
success in dealing with other organizations and adapting to different business environments. This
concept is interesting because of how important a businesses culture is and how dramatically it
can affect the organizations productivity.
Explanation of the Key Term
Culture in a business setting is described by the article, “CULTURE AND BUSINESS
ETHICS – A COMPARATIVE PERSPECTIVE” which goes on to say, “patterns of thinking
differ according to national culture, and individuals use these models to interpret the
environment and direct their own actions” (Isac & Remes, 2017 p.54). This quote illudes to the
set of standards and norms that one group uses to make decisions and act accordingly to what the
culture deems necessary or ok to act upon. These sets of norms and standards that are followed
by one organization can be drastically different than another organization and can have large
impacts on the viabilities of partnerships and dealings of these organizations as well as the
ultimate success of these organizations as a whole. As far as organizational culture goes be able
to understand circumstances and adapt to the change in the environment the organization is key
to the organization being able to integrate with other cultures that are surely to be different on a
global scale.
Major Article Summary
A major article that really stood out in the research of organizational culture was
“Communication and culture in international business – moving the field forward” this article
went into detail about the importance of communication and understanding of different societal
and organizational cultures in international business. The article goes on to say, “Organizations
are created, managed, lead, and dissolved through communication, which plays a major role in
the exchange of knowledge, the development and maintenance of relationships, the negotiation
of deals, and the establishment and preservation of partnerships” (Szkudlarek, Osland, Nardon,
& Zander, 2020 pp.1). As the article mentions being able to communicate is the key to
understanding another organizations culture and allows for to approach business deals in the
appropriate manner that is acceptable for both parties. The article continues by comparing cross-
cultural interactions and inter-cultural interactions and their important effects these have on
communication between organizations and their different cultural aspects. The article lays out
several examples about these cultural differences and how they can be navigated through to
achieve success in international business dealings. It also continues to reinforce the concept of a
how a strong organizational culture is imperative to an organization’s success as a whole and
describes the differences between a good and bad culture.
A organizational culture is vital to an organizations success in any endeavor not just in
international business, with that being said a strong culture is more than just being positive and
ethical as it is also about being open and willing to understand other cultural differences and
opinions that are presented. This is repeatedly brought up in the several articles that have been
reviewed as adaptability and workplace environment were mentioned several times when it
comes to international business understanding and communication were of the utmost
importance. As mentioned above culture plays a big factor in individuals and organizations alike
in how they interact and make decisions with those around them.
Many of the articles that were researched all came to the same conclusion being that
organizational culture in a business setting is vital for the organization’s success. There were
only slight differences such as the setting at which organizational culture was mentioned as
reason for organizational development and advancement such as communication and
adaptability. These differences were noticed but the consensus of these articles was a strong
organizational culture provides the organization and intangible asset that allows for the
organization to effectively communicate and understand differences in other cultures while also
building upon these relationships that are cross-cultural.
Isac, F. L., PhD., & Remes, E. F., PhD. (2017). CULTURE AND BUSINESS ETHICS – A
COMPARATIVE PERSPECTIVE. Studia Universitatis “Vasile Goldis” Arad.Seria
Stiinte Economice., 27(3), 54-65.
Krupskyi, O. P., & Kuzmytska, Y. (2020). Organizational Culture and Business Strategy:
Connection and Role for A Company Survival. Central European Business Review, 9(4),
Szkudlarek, B., Osland, J. S., Nardon, L., & Zander, L. (2020). Communication and culture in
international business – moving the field forward. Journal of World Business, 55(6),

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