Religion and Theology

-(( you should seek to answer one question about; faith, reason, and revelation in relation to mark’s gospel.

Write a formal and argumentative essay that draws at least one theme to the Gospel of Mark together with that biblical text.
-(( You should seek to answer one question about; faith, reason, and revelation in relation to Mark’s Gospel.
especially about Jesus ))-
Please use just these 4 Sources.
I. The Catholic Study Bible: Third Edition [ Catholic Study Bible ] ■ ISBN 9780190267230
2. The Catechism of the Catholic Church [ CCC ] ■ ISBN 0385508190 or 1601376499 ■ Also available online on the Vatican website
3. Mother Teresa: Where There is Love, There is God [ Teresa ] ■ ISBN 9780385531801
4. Brant Pitre: The Case for Jesus [ Pitre ] ■ ISBN 978-0-385-36593-2 SDN’S
for source in sentences provide page number.

Creative Writing

There are instructions to upload for word.

There are instructions to upload for Word.
1. Prompt #2: Words 200
2. Prompt #3: Words 200
_No advanced word
_No British
_No plagiarism
Notes: This assignment submission is my own words, original work

Social work

Which skills would you like to improve on?

What are your takeaways for direct practice regarding biopsychosocial assessment?
What obstacles may exist as you undertake doing an assessment?
In what ways would you conduct an assessment differently now that you’ve completed this module?
Which Shulman skills can best be relied on during an assessment interview?
Which skills would you like to improve on?


Further, please introduce your chosen work for this response by using the artist’s name and properly-punctuated work title, as modeled in the prompt.

Provide a detailed, succinct, and well-written response to the following prompt, which focuses on works from the M6 – Online Learning Resources page. Your response should be 150–200 words long—no less, no more—which is basically the length of these instructions. You may review any course material before writing your response, including the provided Poetry Foundation guides, though your response must be completely your own work and should not include any obviously unique ideas or direct wording (e.g., quotes) from this material, nor may your response be a paraphrase of this material. Absolutely no outside research is permitted for this assignment! Further, please introduce your chosen work for this response by using the artist’s name and properly-punctuated work title, as modeled in the prompt. After doing so the first time, you may simply refer to your chosen work as “the work”, “the poem”, or “Frost’s poem” (for example) for the remainder of your response. Finally, you are encouraged to review the grading rubric before beginning work on this assignment in order to be as successful as possible.
Reconsider Philip Larkin’s “An Arundel Tomb” and Elizabeth Bishop’s “The Moose”. Based on your reading and the provided material, which of these two poems do you believe better demonstrates insight in regards to its subject matter? In other words, which of these poems seems to have clearer content and/or a “revelation” due to how the artist describes the work’s subject matter? Why? What specific aspects of this work’s form, based on our study of form in literature, helped you make this decision? Please note that you may include short quotations from your chosen poem in your response, if relevant and necessary, though they will not count towards this response’s required length.



This week we have explored hygiene practices, infection, and asepsis. Review the material covered in the required readings and provide a minimum of five key points about one of the key content areas covered that are listed below.
Infection control
Please be sure to validate your opinions and ideas with citations and references in APA format.
Responses need to address all components of the question, demonstrate critical thinking and analysis, and include peer-reviewed journal evidence to support the student’s position.
Your initial response is due by Wednesday at 11:50pm CT.
Estimated time to complete: 2 hours

Business and Management

How does sociocultural factors impact afc urgent care and how does afc urgent care impact sociocultural factors

How does sociocultural factors impact AFC Urgent Care and how does AFC Urgent Care impact sociocultural factors

American Literature

Decrypting symbolism in different elements of the story.

Elaborating on the specific short story, the Lonesome bodybuilder. Decrypting symbolism in different elements of the story. Reflecting off the rubric and fluent and complete essay, with good transitions, not jotting down just symbolism, understanding the full Birdseye view! As well a good thesis statement!


Possible treatment.

This assignment provides another opportunity to understand the uniqueness of the Personality Disorders and how they are different from the other disorders we have studied. It is important to recognize that they fit into a unique class of their own. There is significant overlap with the characteristics of the different personality disorders which adds to the challenge of understanding. One of the significant characteristics is that they rarely identify that they participate in the problem. For example, a person with and Anxiety Disorder knows they have a problem. Generally speaking, a person with a Personality Disorder does not identify that they have a problem–the problem is usually projected onto others–“they” are the problem.
Present a character from a movie, TV or a book who you think is a good candidate for one of the several Personality Disorders listed in the Chapter 15 of the text. Do not post the same character that someone else has already posted. If that character has already been posted, then you need to find another character.
The text needs to be used as your primary source of information for this assignment.
Assignment needs to list each area of this assignment by number when addressing each area (listed below).
Assignment needs to be a minimum of 300 words.
Disorder I chose is: Schizoid Personality Disorder
Discuss Each Area about the Character You Chose
1. Describe the character and the specific Personality Disorder that you think this character has. The description needs to be detailed so the reader will have an understanding of the character.
2. List the diagnostic criteria and the number of criteria required for a diagnosis for this particular Personality Disorder.
3. Indicate which of the criteria the character meets with a description of behaviors that supports each of the diagnostic criteria. Remember–the character needs to meet the expected number of criteria needed for this diagnosis. The diagnosis should not be given if the character does not meet the number needed.
4. Possible treatment.
5. Possible medication.
6. On a continuum from 0 to 5 rate the severity of the Character’s problems from non-problematic (0) to extremely problematic (5) and justify your observations.
7. Prognosis.
Book to reference is
Comer, R. J., & Comer, J. S. (2021). Abnormal psychology (11th ed.). New York, New York: Worth Publishers.
I’ve attached a document with text from the book to reference

Business and Management

How is information different from knowledge?

So the textbook required as a PRIMARY source is:
Wallace, P. (2018). Introduction to Information Systems (3rd ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson Education.
Required Reading
Chapters 1, 2, and 3.
Assignment details:
How is data different from information? How is information different from knowledge? How knowledge is different from experience? What are examples of each?


Consider the following two statements:

Debating the Texas War of Independence
Consider the following two statements:
“Anglo-Texans fought a war of independence against Mexico to defend the principles of federalism and self-government embodied in the Mexican Constitution of 1824 and to create a government that would represent the interests of the Texas territory.”
“Anglo-Texans fought a war of independence against Mexico primarily to protect their own economic livelihoods and the system of slavery upon which it depended.”
Which of these two explanations for the war of Texas independence is more compelling and why?
please use the files attached for a source, and another if