After you have read “Teaching the Conventions of Academic Discourse” by Teresa T

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After you have read “Teaching the Conventions of Academic Discourse” by Teresa Thonney, write a paragraph explaining what you found most interesting or important in her argument, quoting from her directly. As before, be selective, not exhaustive. Try working from the same prompt as last time: “For me, a key takeaway from this essay is that ______________ __________________________.”
1. Lead the paragraph with your main point about the essay (the sentence above, or a variation of it, after you have filled in the blank) This sentence is called a topic sentence. You can change your topic sentence to fit your paragraph after you write it–don’t get stuck on the first sentence. Choose the passages you will quote first, and write around them.
2. To support your point about your key takeaway, you will need to quote from the essay directly (but briefly). Work with the quotation sandwich principle again. First, lead into each quote with a brief paraphrase or summary of what Thonney is saying, and second, follow your paraphrase with Thonney’s exact language, framed in quotation marks. Finally, explain why you found the passage significant, and how it helped you identify your key takeaway.
Choose 2-3 SHORT passage for your quotes, and don’t take them all from the first few pages of the essay! Spread them out, to give a representative sample of what Thonney is saying. A quoted passage that is longer than 3 lines must be indented as a block quote. Long quotes are very rarely necessary, and can be edited down to just the parts you need to support your own point. Remember it is ALWAYS a good idea to write, edit, and save your writing on your own computer before pasting it into the blog space.
3. Include both in-text page citations and a full citation to Thonney’s article at the end. For how to cite an article in a scholarly journal, see the menu tab labeled MLA and APA.
4. Respond to two blogs when you are finished. This time, you have the option of responding to or adding to your own blog after you have read the work of others. In other words, responding to your own blog can count as one of your two responses, if you choose.

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