Applying Verbal Behavior General Guidelines Each week, you must provide an initi

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Applying Verbal Behavior
General Guidelines
Each week, you must provide an initial post responding to one of the discussion board prompt options. Please include the discussion prompt you are addressing in the subject line of your post. Once you are done, review the posts of other learners and engage in two responses to a learner, or learners, in any discussion board prompt; you may respond to the same learner twice in a conversation.
Your responses should be substantive and demonstrate your understanding of the material. In this, and in all of your courseroom posts, be sure to keep your tone respectful and professional. Use the name of the peer you are addressing. Cite any references according to APA guidelines.
Option 1
If an individual does not engage in vocal verbal behavior, teaching effective communication should be of the highest priority. Augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) devices should be selected based on the individual’s needs and abilities. What is your experience teaching the verbal operants with AACs? Provide an example of how you would use an AAC of your choice to teach two of the verbal operants.
Option 2
Record a brief video modeling teaching procedures for the four verbal operants: mand, tact, echoic, and intraverbal. Describe the learner profile (young, adult, early or advanced) and the communicative method (sign, picture, vocal, et cetera). Do not use a current client or any child, and do not post the video without the participant’s& permission.
Option 3
A behavior analyst must be able to skillfully select targets based on the unique needs and abilities of their clients. For instance, for early learners a mand target might involve a one-word mand for a highly preferred reinforcer, while for advanced learners it might involve manding for information. Consider the case you explored in your previous coursework (PSY7712 or PSY7713). Provide a brief description of the learner, remembering to protect their identity. Imagine that you will teach this learner a target for manding, tacting, echoic, and intraverbal. Explain the targets you have selected for each verbal operant and explain why you made those choices.

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