Discuss specific

Guidelines: This paper is an analysis of the Great Transformations video that is posted
in this module. Your paper has to be based on the video and it should include all of the
following areas of analysis. Include only what is relevant to the main idea of
understanding evolution. Don’t give details on the scientists who made the discoveries.
Analytical –– What did you learn about how evolution works? What kinds of
evolutionary processes did you learn about in the video? Discuss specific
examples to illustrate your points. Explain how scientists use evidence to
support their claims. Where appropriate, use the relevant terms and concepts from
the assigned reading. Include discussion of the following:
– The evolution of whales. What was the animal that whales
evolved from like? What mechanisms were involved in the evolution of the
whale and how were they involved? Describe the process of evolution, using this
– What is the evidence that today’s reptiles, birds, and mammals all
evolved from a common ancestor?
– How did fish evolve into terrestrial tetrapods?
– How do new traits develop from old ones?
– What major physical trait do humans share with fruit flies? Why
is this important?
– How do genes function in evolution?
Critical/Reflective –– How is this video relevant to moral questions involving
human-caused extinction of species? (Does it matter that human activities are
causing species to go extinct?)


Finally, don’t forget to include a word count.

Professor Feedback:
Great work for this response. I find it thoughtful and well-articulated. I would suggest relating more explicitly to what you respond to. For example, first briefly mention the point that the speaker makes, and then talk about your own thinking. Also, be more careful about grammar and word choice. Finally, don’t forget to include a word count.
original questions:
Watch the lecture below on YouTube:
Dialect and the Making of Modern China
Professor Gina Anne Tam (Trinity College)

(1 hr 40 mins)
Write a reflection on this video. Please include comments on (1) what you find to be the most important takeaways and (2) what you think is particularly interesting and/or puzzling.


I have chosen an article related to sociolinguistics. I have to write a critique

I have chosen an article related to sociolinguistics. I have to write a critique (lookin at the article critically from the title to the resources). Summarize it, discuss the strength and weaknesses, looking at the title, abstract, intro, ……etc) disucss whethre there are any recommendations or suggestions were mentioned.
Then, I have to give a powerpoint presentation about the articale and the critique I did. My classmates and the professor will discuss it with me.
There is no words limit, up to max 3 pages.