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Chapter 3 Discussion: Perception and “The Art of Misdirection” Part 1: Instruct

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Chapter 3 Discussion: Perception and “The Art of Misdirection”
Part 1:
Instructions: Watch the selected TED Talk speech. It was part of your module learning, but is also accessible via the link below. Discuss the questions below in a written initial post with your own personal opinions and ideas. Refer to your reading or modules to demonstrate connections. You are required to apply one specific vocabulary word from your readings. (I attatched files with screen shot)You are encouraged to use bullet points or numbering to organize your response.
1. Apollo Robbins, “The Art of Misdirection” (Links to an external site.)

What is one thing you have learned about our own individual perception from Apollo’s presentation? Apply one vocabulary concept from your chapter reading (or module) & explain the connections you make to the vocabulary concept you used. The general term, perception, does not count.
2.OPINION: Give any opinions or commentary on the perception phenomena, Robbins’ ethos as perceived by the audience, the audience’s perception in three steps, or other opinions to share from your perspective. Perhaps comment on how this applies to what you have experienced before at work, at home, or other place. Or comment on what you liked, what you didn’t like, how your perception shifted, what you learned about your reality, etc.
Helpful for Brainstorming:
1.After watching these videos we may perceive our teachers, doctors, police officers, politics, the entertainment industry, and ourselves very differently. Our relationships are dependent upon our perceptions of others. Provide your own personal examples, pop cultural references, observations, etc. to share your opinion and your perspective. Discuss why!
2. Be specific and avoid providing a generalized discussion and application. A vocabulary concept is a term that is in bold in your Chapter 3 readings. ★☆ Perception CANNOT be the selected term you refer to.
3. Submission must be at least 250 words minimum. You may opt to use bullet points to organize your ideas, examples and opinions.

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