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Complete Activity 1.1 – Lifeline (pp. 1-2) found in the Sugarman* chapter. Write

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Complete Activity 1.1 – Lifeline (pp. 1-2) found in the Sugarman* chapter. Write a paper reflecting on these activities and exploring your answers to the questions posed. Be sure to include any personal insights garnered from these activities and connect them with relevant content from this week’s readings, discussion posts, and Collaborate session.
*Sugarman, L. (2005). Life-span developmental psychology. In Life-Span development: Frameworks, accounts and strategies (pp. 1-30). [Taylor & Francis e-Library].
Activity 1.1 Lifeline Take a blank sheet of paper and, allowing the left and right hand edges of the page to represent the beginning and end of your life respectively, draw a line across the page (in the manner of a temperature chart) to depict the peaks and troughs experienced in your life so far, and those you would predict for the future. When finished, sit back and ask yourself some questions about this graph— your “lifeline”:
• What is its general shape? Does it continue to rise throughout life? Does it depict peaks and troughs around some arbitrary mean? Alternatively, is there a plateau and subsequent fall in the level of the curve? Is it punctuated with major or only relatively minor peaks and troughs?
• The horizontal axis represents time; but how about the vertical axis—what Life-span development 2 dimension does that reflect?
• What (or who) triggered the peaks and troughs in the graph? Why did they occur at the time that they did?
1976 – Born
1994 – Graduated High School at 17 without a plan of what to do next
1995 – Joined the Navy – Left home for the first time ever at the age of 18
1997 – Rejoined family in Maryland so that they could help care for my son while I deployed
2008 – Met my soon to be husband
2012 – Married
2015 – Bought my first house
2020 – Officially divorced, the beginning of my new life
2022 – Officially retired from the Navy after 27 years of service
2022 – Began the journey of school again – Master’s in Organizational Leadership
1994 – Didn’t have a plan after high school so I ended up moving to Maine with my family and getting an hourly job – wondering what else was out there
1996 – Got pregnant at the age of 19 – single mother/Lost the opportunity to attend the Naval Academy
1996 Dec – Gave birth to my son
1998 – Deployed for the first time, had to leave my toddler
2007 – Military Sexual Assault by a fellow service member – PTSD
2017 – Began the divorce process
2022 – Filed VA disability claim and entered the waiting phase – anticipating outcome
2022 – The initial let down of not knowing what was next after retirement
• What might have been done (or was done) to make the peaks higher and the troughs shallower? How might the incidence and height of the peaks be increased in the future? And the incidence and depth of the troughs decreased?
• What positive results emerged from the troughs and what were the negative consequences of the peaks?

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