Discussion Post Response to peer named Kurra: My Stance on Andrews’ Article The

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Discussion Post Response to peer named Kurra:
My Stance on Andrews’ Article
The author expresses that she views the poor (stuggling) as people who may be worthy of charitable donations and the homeless (panhandlers) as those who are unworthy of charitable donations, as she feels their situation is caused by their indulgence in personal pleasures. Andrews expresses that she is skeptical about giving her spare change to panhandlers, as she feels they can do without it and are probably better off. She does believe in giving to charity but prefers to use a known organization, her views come from her own opinion, without research, and from her own experiences.
The views expressed present reasoning as to why she does not give spare change, and I can see how she came to her conculsion. However, I do not fully agree or disagree with Andrews. While there are those who are not truely needing the charity of others, there are many who are in desperate need of it. It’s not a black and white decision about who is worthy or unworthy. I myself have been on both ends and here is what I know. The poor have usually ended up poor due to economic hardship, poverty born, or failure to manage their income properly. The homeless are in the category below the poor and can often have all the same reason as the poor plus drugs, alcohol or a series of poor life choices. This does not mean that every poor/ homeless person is in their situation do to all these reason.
When using a known charity such as the Red Cross (random example), one assumes that your donation is being put to good use. When actually you have no more certainty about how your money is being used than if you were to give it to a panhandler on the street. You trust that since the organization is well known for helping the less fortunate that your donation was used properly. The organization then takes your donation and attempts to give it to someone who appears to need it. In doing so they must make the same decision you did, to decide if one is worthy or unworthy of the donation. I have been to food pantries, and have had govenment assistance yet I am not poor. I’m considered working middle class, yet without donations from individuals/ organizations there are many times my situation would have gotten far worse. Would I be considered unworthy of help? Do my donations make an immediate difference?
It’s not for me to know, I honestly believe that when I give, I should always give with my heart not my mind. My mind tells me to question why they need it and judge whether they are deserving of my hard earned cash. Not saying I give carelessly, as I am not made of money, but seeing as it was through the generosity of others that I received my charity, I try to give without question. Not saying the blindly giving is the way to go, just that giving should be a true act of kindness. Just as there are non-profit organizations out there who literally are at the mercy of others to continue be able to make a difference, there are those out there that are worthy and unworthy. It is not for me to judge, a true act of kindness will always spark another.

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