do all of the assignments below, answer them and label accordingly. answer all q

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do all of the assignments below, answer them and label accordingly. answer all questions correctly and do not answer them shortly, but accordingly, in order to save us time of me bringing it back to you to do it again
Assignment 1 – Watch the following two videos (7:49) and (6:41). Click CC to view captions on either video.
These two videos refer mostly to domestic situations. It would be too complex to try to understand the global notions of Ethics and Social Responsibility using two short videos. However, we first need to relate to what we know (hence these videos to start our analysis), and then understand what happens outside of our borders.
Links to the video : and
After reading chapter 3, we know that there are differences in ethical views even across the United States. So, my questions for you are:
What is the most important thing related to Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility to an International Manager?
How organizations can excel at preserving their ethical values, and at the same time dealing with all the different behaviors of their international subsidiaries
Assume you are a manager in charge of International business at your organization. What is the best contribution you can make to this topic that will guarantee that your firm will be successful at both complying with American laws and regulations, and international demands that might come from government, customers, competitors, or people in general. How do you think you can implement that?
Assignment 2 – Watch the following TED Talk (14:28). Click CC to view captions on the video.
Originally from Sittard and fascinated by the psychology of people and their different backgrounds, Simone has travelled the globe for over 25 years. Starting out as a marketer for multi-national companies she has witnessed a lot of cross-cultural misunderstandings that though hilarious were often time and money consuming. Her love of people and her extensive international business experience inspired her to study cross-cultural communication and start building bridges between different cultures.
In her role as cross-cultural trainer and executive coach for over 12 years Simone has worked with leaders and their teams at multinationals and NGO’s all over the globe. She has also taken on the role of Advisor to the My Shining Star Foundation in Malaysia and has since made the Eastern Hemisphere her second home. (TEDx Talks, 2017)
link to the video :
After viewing the video, discuss the following:
What is your idea of diversity and how it influences your life?
Do you agree with the speaker when she finds a positive side to every culture? Why?
As International Manager in charge of expansion in your organization, how would you use her ideas to improve the organization’s chances of long term sustainable success?
Assignment 3 – How is a conspiracy theory like a superstition? How is it not? Why? Does this say anything about a person’s need to believe? For purposes of this question let us define a conspiracy theory as an unfounded explanation for an event or possible event. Usually the event has another more commonly accepted explanation. An example would be that the tragedy of 9/11 was actually carried out by the United States government.
Assignment 4 – After completing the readings and watching the video(s) please complete the following questions. Answers should be written in Microsoft Word 12 pt Times New Roman font. Each one of the five questions must contain a minimum of 100 words. You do not need to formally cite authors but please mention the name of any author you use in your answer. Please read the announcements for comments about assignment style and formatting.
1. Offer your definitions of Superstition & Ritual. Do NOT turn to a dictionary. What is the relationship between these two terms? Offer an example of a superstition and the ritual which accompanies it. Name a ritual which you frequently do that is tied to a superstition.
2. Considering this week’s readings and drawing on your own experience, answer the following:why are human beings superstitious? Why can superstitions be dangerous?
3. What is the relationship between a Superstition and Belief? Can a person be superstitious but not believe? Explain your answer.
4. How do the Mistassini Cree ritualize their desires to influence the Spirit God before beginning their hunt for food? Why is this important? Is this a superstition or a world view? Explain.
5. Compare and contrast a religious superstition with a secular superstition in terms of belief. ( you can answer the question without the reading)
Assignment 5 – Could practicing a superstition be unethical? Why or why not? What is the reason for your answer? For purposes of this question, a system of ethics is rules of behavior that are agreed upon by a specific social group. Don’t confuse them with morality or laws. Laws could be the result of ethical principles but are not ethics in themselves. A good example of questionable behavior might be the sacrifice of an animal, say a goat, to positively influence a dangerous spirit.

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