Religion and Theology

Doctoral Students, Please use the Chart of Citations (attached to this announcem

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Doctoral Students, Please use the Chart of Citations (attached to this announcement) to prepare this Bibliography. Every period and
capitalized letter matters.
Final Theology Project – Bibliography Grading Rubric.pdf Size: 7.4 Kb,
Final Theology Project Bibliography Assignment Instructions.docx
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Footnote and Bibliography Format Paper Resources.docx
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I need an annotated bibliography to fit the final paper instructions:
1. Introduction – Determine an area of worship application you currently serve in or would
like to serve in someday. You will aim your
comprehensive plan at that ministry target.
This may also be an area of potential thesis writing at the culmination of your doctoral
studies so use this assignment strategically as it may become the foundation for a more
substantial project in the future. Include in your
Introduction a mission statement or
summary theme for your project.
2. Biblical Presuppositions – Having determined your area of application, develop a Biblical
Theology of that area of worship application.
Thoroughly examine at least 5 passages of
scripture that substantially relate to this area of application and address them in Biblical
order (Genesis to Revelation). Develop your argument for the meaning of each text and
support your argument with scholarly sources. This
section of your paper should be
heavily cited and represent primary work done in scripture study with bible study tools
commentaries. Develop your argument in a progressive revelation contour from
Genesis to Revelation, as you learned about the approach of Biblical
Theology. This
section should provide the exegesis of the texts that will undergird the Theological
Principles of the next section.
3. Theological Principles – having established Biblical Presuppositions for your area of
worship ministry, derive theological principles that will govern your ministry application.
This should build on the exegesis of the previous section by developing derived
principles of ministry from the Biblical text. The connections to the biblical texts
provided above should be made clear. What are the theological principles and
that will define your worship application?
4. Conclusion – Include a Conclusion that summarizes your effort and wraps your thoughts
on the project. Explain how you feel your plan meets your biblical goals and your
concerns that may not have been adequately met. Identify areas in need of further
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