General thesis topic assigned to me is “Do Patent pool facilitate innovation”

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General thesis topic assigned to me is “Do Patent pool facilitate innovation”?
But this is a broad and vague topic for thesis so you need to be specific and choose a sparticular industry, patent pool, etc and do proper research and then answer this with a thesis. I have chosen to work in the Automotive industry and the Avinci Patent pool. The only slight problem is one of my colleagues had already done a thesis on the Avinci patent pool a few years ago. We can still work on the Avinci patent pool but the research question, concept, and objectives shouldn’t be the same obviously. I have attached paper so you can check it out how it is done to get an idea.
If you have a better suggestion regarding the industry, patent pool etc then let me know before writing the paper, this way it will save time.
It’s an academic thesis paper for a post-Master degree. Template, wordsize, style, and all relevant information are attached. The thesis paper should be well-researched, clear, and easy to understand. While writing a thesis paper, make sure it is easy to understand,clear, and concise. This paper will be checked by both academic and non-academic people so keep that in mind.
Do proper research from various academic papers, and literature reviews and then propose relevant research questions after doing research and literature which is relevant and proper. You should clearly mention why did you propose such a question for your thesis and what are you planning to find out and so on.
Before proposing the research question, let me know what research question are you going to propose so i can make a decision if it’s worth it or needs a different research question.
Collected data, the spss file should be submitted as well to check the authenticity and relevance of data for the thesis. so Do not send just paper and think it is done. I need data, rough data, calculated data, everything. I have to submit data too after all…
After collecting data and doing the necessary, come up with a proper conclusion. Your data shouldn’t be collected from the person, surveys, interviews, etc. Empirical research needs to be done.
This is my third attempt, the previous attempt was terrible. The Paper was not well written, not properly researched, and sentences were not clear, collected data were not real and authentic and among others. So consider that while writing a paper. I have attached comments, remarks, and feedback given to me by my supervisor so consider each remark, and feedback to avoid previous mistakes…
An example that was done by the previous student is attached, it should not be the same as the previous student but use it as a reference.
Please accept this paper only if you think you are good enough to do the paper in a short period of time, otherwise do not accept it. It will save time and effort for both of us.

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