Religion and Theology Watch Chapter 2 of Micha

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Watch Chapter 2 of Michael Pollan’s documentary series “How to Change your Mind” on Psilocybin — Netflix. Also read this Guardian article on psilocybin therapy in the Black community.
Please write a 2 page Discussion post and submit to the link below before Sunday September 4 at 11.59pm.
How is the direct, personal experience of a spiritual reality, made available through psiloybin therapy, different from ordinary religious practice — attending church, participating in a religious community, etc?
How is a spiritual experience different from religious faith?
How might such an experience serve to deepen and augment people’s spiritual and religious life?
How is psilocybin helping African American people to process racism-induced generational trauma?
Do you see these therapeutic approaches as helpful or dangerous?
Your initial post should be a minimum of 2 pages, double spaced

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