In the Chapter 1 reading for this week’s module, the author discusses the four k

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In the Chapter 1 reading for this week’s module, the author discusses the four key roles of a user of a cooperative. The four key roles are customer, patron, owner, and member. The purpose of this assignment is for you to describe and apply these four key roles to an existing cooperative.
First you need to identify a cooperative to examine. Please use the National Cooperative Bank top 100 cooperatives PDF document in this module to identify an existing cooperative. I like this document because it lists A LOT of BIG cooperatives. Some are agriculture like Dairy Farmers of America, CHS, Farmers Cooperative, etc. Some are finance like Farm Credit Services of America and CoBank. Some are grocery stores and even ACE Hardware! Cool!
There is even some cooperatives on this list that have locations in Kansas. Central Valley Ag operates out of York, Nebraska but they have a number of locations throughout North Central Kansas. Plus, they have a cool website.
Once you’ve reviewed the NCB document and have selected your cooperative, then you need to describe/apply the four key roles discussed above to your selected cooperative. To find this information, I would encourage you all to visit your chosen cooperative’s website.
To help with what to write/discuss, I have provide some questions below. Answering these questions will help you adequately address each role. Note that these questions are not exhaustive. I am sure there are more items to discuss.
Customer – How do customer’s benefit from your chosen cooperative? What goods, services, and/or products do they provide to customers?
Patron – How much patronage was distributed by your chosen cooperative? What are their policies on distributing patronage? (this information would likely be in the cooperative’s annual report or board of directors report)
Owner – Who are the primary owners of your chosen cooperative? What is the equity position of the cooperative? How does your cooperative compare in term’s of asset size on the Top 100 list?
Member – Voting is important but so is the board of director’s and senior management’s philosophy in leading and controlling the cooperative. What is this philosophy for your chosen cooperative?
The company I would like to use is Ag First Farm Credit Bank.

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