Informative Email – 100 Points Scenario: You are a supervisor with multiple mana

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Informative Email – 100 Points
Scenario: You are a supervisor with multiple managers whom you oversee. As a result of feedback, your company has decided to implement a new sustainable campus policy company-wide, in an effort to lessen your company’s carbon footprint.
You must inform your managers of the following changes so they can then communicate confidently to their department staff. Your company will be offering numerous opportunities for employees to participate in more sustainable practices:
• new recycle bins in the breakroom, one for each category of metal, glass, paper, plastic
• composting bins for leftover lunch items, etc.
• filtered water dispensers to encourage employees to use reusable cups and bottles
• compostable forks, spoons, knives, napkins, plates
• carpool discounted parking passes
• electric car charging stations
• discounted coffee options for bringing your own cup
• energy-saving lighting options for communal and individual offices
You should also include in your message that you encourage all employees to maintain energy-saving practices at home too. Employees should feel free to bring their home recyclables into work if their neighborhood or city does not offer recycling services.
Your job: Analyze and categorize the new sustainable practices into 3-4 categories. Write an informative e-mail to your managers that summarizes all of the offerings and includes the specifics of why you support a sustainable company campus. You might also include how this new policy aligns with company values and benefits all employees.
Things to Remember:
1. Email format (yes, format the Word doc as if it were an email), including use of headings and subheadings and other visual tools as needed
2. Informative Message Strategy
3. ROAM Table (include on a separate page before your document)
4. You should not copy the above bulleted list directly into your e-mail. Instead, categorize the information and provide specifics where needed. I have purposefully provided more bullet points above than you should ever list in a one-page document. Group and summarize as needed, but do cover all of the information given. You should feel free to talk about the details of the new policy in sentence form. And remember, headings are always useful!
5. Build goodwill with your employees. This policy is a great opportunity to build community and morale.
6. Feel free to name your own company and establish a company mission. In fact, doing so will help you write a clearer, more informative message.

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