Instructions: The reading/podcast responses will critically examine the reading

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The reading/podcast responses will critically
examine the readings and podcast. Reading/podcast responses are proofread and free of grammatical errors, they are not a summary and should
reference the authors of the readings and podcast using citations such as “According to Massey (1999)” as much as
possible as opposed to relying on personal stories or opinion. You are required to connect both readings and podcast, meaning you must cite each reading at least once in your response.
Your reading response can do 1 or all of the following:
Address a theme or key word(s) that ties together the readings and podcast for that week (e.g. assimilation,
ethnic identity)
2. Using a direct quote or passage from a reading(s) and podcast to illustrate a topic or argument that weaves
together the readings.
3. Respond to a discussion question posed by the discussion leaders in class using the readings to
support your answer.
250-500-word count, 1-3 paragraphs (responses under 250 words will receive a 0)
A quote from the reading cannot be included as part of the 250-word minimum.
In any instance where you directly quote the reading(s), you must include a citation with the last
name of the author of the quote and the page number of where you found the quote in the reading.
For example: (Rumbaut 10).
There should not be a quote placed in a paragraph without any explanation as to why it is there. Set
up your quote and weave it into your writing and/or provide a few sentences after the quote to
explain how you are using it.
Note: You do not need to include a bibliography or works cited at the end of the response.
5 points – Clear and direct response to a discussion question that draws from examples in the reading to
make your points. Uses a direct quote or passage from reading to articulate an argument or theme of
the reading.
4 points – Answers a discussion question or writes on a theme broadly without concrete application of
the reading. Contains “fluff,” is wordy, or unclear.
3 points – The reading response quotes heavily from the reading without doing any critical analysis of
the text and/or relies on summarizing. Does not follow the prompt. Reading response is written on
readings from a different week. Relies on anecdotal evidence (personal stories/opinion).
2 points – Relies too much on anecdotal evidence and does not draw from one or multiple readings.
Vaguely engages with material but not critically or does not directly cite readings/concepts and/or
1 point – The reading response is under 250 words. The reading response does not engage all of the
readings assigned for that week.
Podcast to use:

9/11’s Immigration Legacy

Readings to use:
“Ch. 2: Why Does Immigration Occur?
A Theoretical Synthesis.” In The Handbook of International
Migration: The American Experience. By Douglas S. Massey
“Ch. 1: Roots of Immigration to the
United States.” In Immigration Nation: Raids, Detentions, and
Deportations in Post-9/11 America. By Tanya Golash-Boza.

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