JOUR 225 Interview Assignment Instructions Overview The student will choose a fr

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JOUR 225
Interview Assignment Instructions
The student will choose a friend, family member, coworker, etc. to interview about his/her September 11, 2001 experience. The student will provide 10 questions that will be asked during the interview as well as the responses provided by the interviewee for each question. The student will take this information and write a 250-word news story.
Step 1:
Establish contact with your interviewee and set up a mutually agreeable time and place to conduct the interview. You must be flexible with the time and place of the interview so that it is as convenient as possible for your interviewee.
Step 2:
Before the interview, write 10 questions to ask the subject in the interview. According to Rich (2016), a journalist must always have a plan for the interview session. Choose your question types carefully based on your reading and study of the Rich text. Your list of questions will demonstrate your knowledge of the reading and study from the online text. You must demonstrate the appropriate use of questioning (open-ended; closed-ended; what, why how questions.) Start with who, what, when, where, why, and how and leave the most difficult questions for last.
Step 3:
Then conduct the interview. Avoid asking opinions about follow up action and focus on that day only! Break the ice with light conversation before beginning your questions. Listen carefully to your subject’s answers and take good notes. Keep in mind why the interview is taking place: to obtain certain information about the subject’s September 11, 2001, experience. Remain open to the possibility that other information may be obtained. The subject may offer new or surprising information, and, as a reporter, you must evaluate the worth of the information and handle it appropriately. Get at least one good, insightful direct quote and write down exact spellings of names. Do not be bashful about asking the subject to repeat something important and be aware of your surroundings during the interview. A few notes about the room and other surroundings may be useful in a feature story to help set the mood for your piece.
Step 4:
After the interview, type your questions in a Microsoft Word document and below each question, type your notes for each response given by your subject.
Step 5:
On the next page, you will write a 250-word story on your subject’s experience from that fateful day. The story must introduce the subject and then, in chronological order and from a third-person perspective, give the details of the subject’s day. In other words, describe in detail their personal experience from start to finish on 9-11. A direct quote from the subject must be included in the story. Format the document using Times New Roman 12 pt. font and 1.5 line spacing. Your questions, notes, and story must be 3–4 pages. Include the word count below the story. As always, correct grammar is imperative as is accuracy, clarity, and brevity.
Note: Your assignment will be checked for originality via the Turnitin plagiarism tool.

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