Our discussion this week will hearken back to King Arthur’s round table where hi

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Our discussion this week will hearken back to King Arthur’s round table where his loyal knights shared equal stature. The seminar format will require you to contribute questions to inspire and provoke our deep analysis of the readings. Rather than writing a thesis statement, you will present an open-ended question to that is pithy and well-crafted, and then .
Specifically, you are responsible for posing at least one “open-ended” question in the discussion forum, along with some context that inspired your question, using quotes from the text(s) to create a frame of reference. Rather than answering your own question at first, you will need to be active in the discussion throughout the week to respond to your peers’ questions and engage with responses to your own.
Your question must relate specifically to Sir Gawain and the Green Knight and/or “The Death of Arthur” from Le Morte D’Arthur. Open-ended questions need to be exploratory, yet focused, requiring specific analysis and not simple “yes or no” responses. Questions and your responses should be grounded in the literature – ideas we can point to and discuss from the text itself. You want to aim to make connections between the story and its purpose, seeking to connect the text to yourself, society or the world, and/or other readings when possible.
Perhaps you see a connection or contrast between Sir Gawain and Sir Bedivere, maybe you see a theme that we can relate to modern experiences. The goal is to create deep discussion about the readings, while focusing on specific evidence from the text(s).
I am looking at the depth of your question, the insights of your context, and active, genuine engagement in the discussion. Seek to answer everyone’s question, engage respectfully with ideas within responses (analyze the readings, don’t give opinions), and have real conversation with others about your own question. This is a challenge, but if done thoughtfully, this discussion will be very rewarding for our learning.
Like the Green Knight, I insist on a challenge…. this week, make this the best discussion possible. Will you accept? Can you live true to this worthy feat?–

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