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Please publish a one page well written memowhich effectively: Reflects the needs

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Please publish a one page well written memowhich effectively: Reflects the needs of the relevant stakeholders (staff, management, patients, not necessarily in that order) and which is generally persuasive with regards to meeting those needs. Includes the most important facts from the source material. Uses clear, concise language, grammar, and syntax (although you will not be penalized for mistakes for this assignment)
Case scenario (Please write from the point of view of the radiology technologist)
The Situation You are a radiology technologist at a busy full service medical center. When patients arrive, the receptionist registers the patient. When the tech is ready for their next patient they inform the receptionist who then informs the patient that the tech is ready to receive them. The receptionist then advises the patient how to find their procedure room after which the patient is then admitted into the inner hallway. From there the patient will look for their room number and then enter the “inner waiting room” where the technologist greets them. This process is intended to keep the techs focused on their tasks with minimal interruption.
The Problem The problem is that there are several procedural areas behind reception and the customer is often unable to figure out exactly where they are supposed to go. Even worse, there is a risk that the patient will enter a live procedural area instead of a waiting room, possibly exposing them to radiation and/or disrupting patient care. The patients are frustrated with the current situation and frequently complain about it to you, the technologist. As a result, you and the other technologists spend a significant time each day apologizing to patients and performing rather difficult service recovery.
Your Solution You believe that it would be much more efficient and customer friendly for the tech to personally walk to the front, greet the patient, introduce themselves, and escort the patient back to the internal waiting room. Doing so would mean that the tech will have to walk back and forth many times a day. Some of the techs may not want to do this, but you reason that the current system already causes disruptions as well as safety risks and customer dissatisfaction, which in turn causes significant delays. Rather than suggesting that the department roll this out all at once, you propose testing it first starting with yourself and one other tech that you believe you can persuade to try it with you on a single shift for a few days. You will then study the results and, if successful, you will expand it to an entire shift, eventually expanding it to the entire department. You reason that trying it out this way will reduce resistance as well as help you to validate what works and what doesn’t. The system already captures how long patients wait to be seen as well as how productive the tech is. The receptionists are also tracking the number of complaints from patients.
Key Concerns that need to be addressed: – Some staff may be quite invested in the current system and may feel that your changes will disrupt their workflow and take too much time – Management is mandated to operate within budget. You believe your proposal will have zero impact on staffing, so therefore it really should cost almost nothing to implement, and may even reduce overtime due to delays in completing procedures because of lost and unhappy patients. – Staff and management are both interested in anything that will improve service, safety, and efficiency (though not always in that order)

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