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Please read the class material first, and following the instruction seriously. T

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Please read the class material first, and following the instruction seriously. This is a human resourse management ccase study with related with trainning.
By upskilling employees and innovating with analytics, Tata Steel’s plant in Kalinganagar, India, achieved performance gains that earned it recognition as a leading digital facility by the World Economic Forum.
The approach of Tata Steel (working with McKinsey company) achieved ‘global acclaim’ according to the article. That would suggest to readers that the training and approach worked and they (Tata Steel and McKinsey) achieved positive outcomes.
The challenge for you, as students of our subject, is to determine whether the training provided was effective according to Salas et al. (2012)?
Your task is to evaluate the effectiveness of Tata Steel’s training / building of their analytics capabilities. You should do this using the Salas et al (2012) framework and concepts from this subject (Topics 1 – 7).
Assignment 1 covers the following topics. (Keep in mind that there is limited word count, so you can’t cover them all in depth. You have to choose what’s important for this case question.)
1.Introduction & Strategic Staffing
2.Learning in Organisations
3.Adult Learning
4.Needs Assessment
5.Designing Training
6.Transfer of Learning
The key focus is to use what you are learning in this subject to explain HOW and WHY the analytics capability training was / was not effective for Tata Steel.
What research can you point to in support of your analysis? Your discussion should not be general to all companies, rather it should be specific to evaluating the specifics of this analytics training approach in Tata Steel.
Justify your analysis using relevant HR concepts examined in the subject. Draw upon course materials, readings covered, or further reading undertaken.
Note: The training approach lasted over a period of time, with several phases. You are focussing on the effectiveness of their overall approach. I would suggest to draw out a timeline of their approach so you can see clearly what they did and when they did it.
Important: Evaluating their approach involves 1) understanding the components of the Salas et al framework and 2) drawing out important case information as evidence of effectiveness (or lack of it). You want to avoid simply restating the case (that is a descriptive approach, rather than analytical) and will result in lower marks.
Referencing requirements( from journal list):
A minimum of 8 relevant references from quality and timely sources should be cited. These sources must be from years between 2013 – 2022.
Five of those eight references must be peer-reviewed academic journals or articles. These peer-reviewed must be from years between 2013 – 2022.
You must use the Salas et al (2012) reading as one of the five academic references. This is the only academic article that should be before 2013.
Citations must be original sourced, please do not cite Kris / Lecture #.

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