Please Respond to the below post All responses should be a minimum of 300 words,

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Please Respond to the below post
All responses should be a minimum of 300 words, scholarly written, APA formatted. A minimum of 2 references are required.
PICOT Research Question
Identifying a research question has been a challenge for me as there are so many opportunities swirling in my head that I am having trouble committing to one. Over the past year, I have tried to identify one area that I am wholeheartedly enthusiastic about and would like to do something to make a dramatic change to enhance healthcare opportunities within a practice or population of patients. Diversity, equity, and inclusion of the LGBTQIA+ community continues to stand up and demand my attention. Healthcare systems continue to discuss how we can better serve this population, but the nurse and interprofessional teams have not received adequate training to meet the LGBTQIA+ healthcare requirements. The impact on optimal health and well-being across the lifetime in this population is imperative as they are less likely to access primary care services for fear of discrimination and stigmatism (Gahagan & Subirana-Malaret, 2018).
It is important to address the barriers standing between this population and the decision to seek healthcare services throughout their lifespan. Many providers, nurses, and ancillary staff prefer to overlook the difference in care to avoid stereotypes and remain neutral, avoiding the numerous cultural characteristic differences. By doing so, LGBTQIA+ patients sense the bias and will avoid seeking healthcare (Margolies & Brown, 2019). Finding a way to understanding the uniqueness of the culture will increase acceptance and decrease the discrimination and stigmatism allowing for the patient to be open and honest about their healthcare concerns.
My DNP project will focus on how we can better educate staff to understand the significance of properly addressing and care for the LGBTQIA+ community to ensure they are receiving the best evidence-based care. I am truly enthusiastic about this topic and fear due to the political climate, the LGBTQIA+ population will conceal their health disparities further.
DNP Project Question
The project question is: Would educational training in ambulatory care increase a culturally competent healthcare environment and reduce the stigmatism and discrimination of the LGBTQIA+ community within the time frame of the DNP project?
Gahagan, J. & Subirana-Malaret, M. (2018). Improving pathways to primary health care among LGBTQ populations and health care providers: key findings from Nova Scotia, Canada. International Journal of Equity in Health, 17(76). Https://
Margolies, L. & Brown, C. (2019). Increasing cultural competence with LGBTQ patients. Nursing2019, 49(6). Https://

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