Reply to the following post below (minimum of 100 words): 3. Describe Newton’s

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Reply to the following post below (minimum of 100 words):
3. Describe Newton’s three laws of motion.
Newton’s first law: Every object will continue to be in a state of rest or move at a constant speed in a straight line unless it is compelled to change by an outside force. On earth, this means you will proceed until the force of gravity slows you down and returns you to the planet. Or perhaps the force acting upon you is the friction you use to slow yourself down other than the apparent brakes of a car; I immediately think of a swing; when you wish to get off of a swing, you drag your feet across the ground to create friction to slow yourself down gradually, or you could jump at the top of the swing and get as high as gravity will allow you. You will either stop the fall back to earth by landing on your feet or less athletically landing on another body part; depending on your speed, mass, and appropriate launch from the swing, you might be able to break a swing-jumping record.
Newton’s second law: The change of motion of a body is proportional to and in the direction of the force acting on it. For Newtons Second law to move an object with mass, you need force. I believe one of the most outstanding examples of this happening is in baseball. The moment the bat hits the ball, the bat is transferring its force from its mass and the power of the swing into the ball and, in a fraction of a second, sends it flying in a completely opposite direction.
Newton’s third law: For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. For Newton’s third law, the old saying what goes up must come down rings true here.
7. Explain what determines the strength of gravity.
The gravitational pull of the earth affects all objects on earth equally. The strength of gravity is determined by the mass of 2 objects one object being more massive than another object creates a much stronger gravity upon the other smaller object. This gravitational force enacted upon us is what gives us our weight. According to, at my weight on earth of 180lbs on Pluto, I would weigh a total of 12 lbs, while on the sun, I would weigh a whopping 4872.9lbs. While 154 plutos could fit on earth, it would take about 1 million earths to fill in the sun (
11. Explain the following:
a. How an object (such as a satellite) can be put into orbit around earth.
An object can be put into orbit by obtaining escape velocity, which is about 25,000 miles an hour; however, when it is approaching the point at which it is to orbit, earth rockets are used to slow it down and keep it in that orbit.
b. how an object (such as a planetary probe) can escape from orbit.
An object can escape the orbit by obtaining escape velocity, which is about 25,000 miles an hour, however this time, upon exiting the gravitational pull, there is zero gravity or friction or anything to slow it down, so it will maintain its current speed until it is speed up or slowed down by something.
c. how the gravitational interactions of many bodies can cause perturbations in their motions.
Gravitational attraction is a leading cause of perturbations. In our solar system, the sun’s gravitational attraction is the king; however, planets also have their own gravity, which can petrubate objects that get close enough to it.
d. how the planet Neptune was discovered.
John Couch Adams discovered Neptune during his mathematical analysis of the irregularities in the motion of Uranus. So basically, It was noticed that Neptune had a Perturbation effect on Uranus that caused an abnormality that told on Neptune and told john through mathematics where exactly he could find Neptune with an accuracy of 2 degrees. However, it wouldn’t be exactly discovered a few years later at the Berlin Observatory.
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