Shamso, You have a good argument but you need to incorporate a lot more research

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You have a good argument but you need to incorporate a lot more research from a minimum of THREE text book articles. Right now, you are using one only. Don’t just bring multiple quotes but paraphrase data, examples, stories, and statistics from the articles in support of your own points you make throughout the essay.
The activities in this module are designed to help you build up to this module’s assessment, the Standard Argument Essay. The general requirements are outlined here, but reading the attached instructions, along with the textbook and its activities, will deepen your understanding of the module’s goals.
Goal: This assignment is designed to establish the basic features of defending an argument. By the end of the module, students should be able to establish a clear academic argument (as described in the section on Defining Arguments, in the module’s first reading “An Introduction to Argument”).
Topic: Your essay will argue your answer to the question, “For an ‘average’ student, is attempting a college education worth the cost?” Your answer to that question should be your thesis, and you’ll spend the rest of the essay defending that stance. (Please refer to attached instructions for more detailed guidance with this prompt!)
Criteria/Rubric weights:
Overall understanding of argument (30%)
Organization/development (30%)
Use of sources (30%)
Grammar/mechanics (10%)
Length: 3 full pages (no cover sheet necessary) MLA format (double-spaced, 12 point Times New Roman font, 1″ margins) – see attachment for guidance on documenting your sources in MLA format, as well.
Points Possible: 100
publish due for Peer Review on Monday, 08/29 (10:00 p.m.) When you open the discussion board for this week, you’ll see 4-5 threads listed “Group 1,” “Group 2,” etc. Your name will be on one of the groups. Open that thread and post your publish. Then, within the next two days, make sure you read and respond to the publishs of your fellow group members.
Also note that I will post a comment on your publish as well. If you have questions about my feedback, please email me ASAP with your question or a request for a time to discuss.
The final publish is due on Sunday, September 4 (NLT 10:00 p.m.)
Also remember the late policy for essays: the score drops 5% every day, so a little late is not a huge deal, but it adds up fast. Plus, late penalties cannot be removed for your “do-over,” so if something goes wrong for you, it’s better to submit something bad on time, and then make that your one “do-over” for the semester.

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