SUBJECT: Health Science Leadership Please use 250 words for the initial post and

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SUBJECT: Health Science Leadership
Please use 250 words for the initial post and 100 per reply. Also 1 reference per. Thank you!
SOURCE: Leadership in Healthcare: Essential Values and Skills, Third Edition
Carson Dye, CHAPTERS 5 & 6
Initial Post:
Chapters 5 & 6
From your readings, what are the two or three most important things that a Senior Leader should do in order to achieve organizational success? How should a leader balance self-esteem with respect for others? Provide an example of a leader who does this well?
First Reply:
There are many valuable things that a Senior Leader could do in order to achieve organizational success. According to Dye, (2017), “one of the most important characteristics of a strong leaders is the ability to objectively analyze their performance and their impact on the organization.” Also, from the text and from personal experiences it is easy to say that respect for oneself and for others, along with showing appreciation are core expectations from good management.
It is important for a leader to balance self-esteem with respect for others. Those with low self esteem are unable to provide good attitudes and respect for others. In contrast someone who has respect for their own self and has established good self esteem has the ability to show respect for others by being courteous, and showing appreciation, collaboration, effective listening, and showing genuine care about others interests.
In my previous role as an operational supervisor in distribution I had several senior leaders that led the way in the industry. One in particular worked his way up and around the business from my direct manager to a General Manager of the facility. One of his greatest traits was his ability to have excellent interpersonal skills by being genuine and connecting on a personal level along with a professional one. He did an excellent job of making you feel like he was giving you his time rather than a fast paced rushed conversation which was normal in our operations. He embodied respect for his self and for those around him.
I enjoyed this week’s readings and am gaining some reflection from the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. The readings have given me some insight to some of my personal relationships and myself.
Hope you all have a great week.
Best regards,
Jessica B.
Carson F. Dye, 2017, Leadership In Healthcare: Essential Values and Skills, Third Edition.[%3Bvnd.vst.idref%3Dicover]!/4/2/2%4037:37
Second Reply:
A leader can make or break any team. In order for them to achieve organizational success, and not the opposite, they can do numerous things. Lack of shared vision. “Highly effective leaders must keep a keen eye on the external factors affecting their organizations while at the same time assessing and measuring their own personal leadership performance.” (Dye, 2017) I feel as if this is something that some leaders don’t do. It can really tear a team down. They are so focused on the external perception of their unit, that they don’t even realize that they could be part of the problem. By having the same passion, and end-goal as their team, a good leader will build the morale of their team. In return, progress and productivity possibly increases. Complex organizational structure. The text tells about how many hospitals have become health systems as an effort to survive in the competitive health market. This pretty much has directors directing leaders, and leaders leading managers. This then boils down to managers managing the rest of the employees. No one really knows who to report to, and then problems arise in the unit. “Rarely can teams of a large size engage in any true problem solving.” (Dye, 2017) It can be very frustrating when there are too many hands in the cookie jar. If there was a clear cut leadership and management tree for employees to refer to when necessary, maybe there wouldn’t be as much conflict and miscommunications.
Apparently it’s hard to show respect a majority of the time. For some, it’s common sense. A good leader can balance self-esteem with respect for others differently than the next leader. Being self-aware and taking responsibility really shows a team that their leader is humble and human. “Leaders must be able to look inward to discover their strengths, weaknesses, goals, and impetus.” (Dye, 2017) This helps open the door for a good feedback system. When a healthy feedback system is in place, employees feel safe and heard. They should never feel like their opinions, critiques, or criticisms should be punishable in any shape or form. Whether it’s deliberate or not, because that does happen. Your “anonymous” survey…shockingly, is NOT anonymous. A good leader who builds their team up, gives accolades where they are deserved, and acknowledges the small achievements, can help their team literally move mountains.
My husband is a good example of this. I have always admired his work ethic. He is strong and has always been an unintentional dominant leader. People are naturally drawn to him and listen when he speaks. He is the Assistant Director of Supply Chain at one of our local hospitals. His team works well together and even better independently. When it comes to being firm about policies, he realizes that people are human, make mistakes, and also have lives outside of work. His team seems to work a little better when they come back from a family issue that they had to handle unexpectedly. Life happens and he knows it. We have three children, so he feels their pain. He has made himself completely approachable and relatable. He shows them respect by trusting them to do their jobs, and holding everyone accountable for their duties being done or not done. In return, he has this well-oiled system that is pretty great.
Dye, C. F. (2017). Leadership in healthcare: Essential values and skills. Health Administration Press.

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