The character chosen is Eeyore from Winnie the Pooh. Students will write and sub

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The character chosen is Eeyore from Winnie the Pooh. Students will write and submit a 4-6 page, APA style (7th edition) paper (not counting title page or references). You will first choose a movie, book, documentary, or TV show that depicts a psychological disorder or topic within the text book (Due: 2/28). There is certainly no shortage of psychopathology in movies available for viewing (see list on BlackBoard); however, many provide inaccurate portrayals of psychological behaviors, traits and disorders. This often leads to the public at large having a distorted view of what mental illness is or how these disorders affect individuals and their friends and family. The purpose of this assignment is to think critically about how mental illness is portrayed in film and to analyze the accuracy of this portrayal and the implications that this portrayal might have on characters in the film as well as the general public viewing the film. Students will select a film from the list on Blackboard (or submit a film for approval) and complete the assignment based on the criteria available on Blackboard and provided in class.
In the paper, you will provide a brief overview of the selected media, and then apply the research. This should include a discussion of its accuracy according to current literature, and
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Students are expected to participate in class. This includes coming to class on time, being prepared for class, asking questions, and participating in class activities. This also implies that students will avoid extraneous talking, texting, checking and updating social networking sites, etc. Please be aware that we will cover what may be difficult and/or personal material for some people in the course. You are expected to be sensitive to this by being respectful with your language and keeping discussion in class confidential.
This supplemental attendance policy addresses students impacted by the COVID-19 emergency, including those diagnosed with COVID-19, those responsible for caring for a family member or household member diagnosed with COVID-19, those whose working conditions change due to the pandemic, and those confronted with other COVID-19 related issues:
• If you are impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic in a way that interferes with your ability to attend class for an extended period of time, please notify the Office of Student Life and, when you are able, contact me and your other professors to arrange for missed coursework.
answering these questions, you need to both summarize and paraphrase what is in the textbook
and make your own comments. Quote from the textbook very minimally. Phrase answers in your
own words; do not string quotes directly from the text or parrot the text!
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sections that provide possible treatment options and further insight. The paper should have a title page, introduction/overview, application of the research, and reference list. It must have 3-5 scholarly/peer-reviewed sources. Students must also cite the textbook and media piece on their reference page and in the text. Students should think critically about the sources they choose, and pick a topic they are actually interested in learning more about. A rubric and sample paper will be provided.

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