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“The Most Human Art” Essay Assignment Sheet Assigned Readings Purpose: The goal

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“The Most Human Art” Essay Assignment Sheet
Assigned Readings
The goal of this assignment is to enhance your critical thinking skills. In doing so, you should be able to show how your favorite story (book, movie, television show) is relevant and important to human beings. Explain the significance of your story through two out of Sanders’ ten reasons. In other words, the assignment calls for both cultural and self-examination and the ability to communicate the product of that examination to a reader.
Choose a favorite story. Stories come in many forms–they can be oral, passed down in your family for generations. They can be stories you view in movies or in TV shows. They can be plays you read or view. However, your choice of story must be a story, not a mere memory.
Read “The Most Human Art” (link to the article at the top of the page).
Pick two of the article’s author’s reasons in order to explain how your chosen story is meaningful and important to human beings. What human needs does your story fulfill?
Write an essay of at least four paragraphs–see the breakdown of paragraphs below.
Include a Works Cited page with the bibliographic/works cited entry for Sanders’ article and the bibliographic/works cited entry for your story
In your essay, include at least two in-text citations/quoted material (both quoted and cited using MLA): at least one from Sanders’s article and the other one from your story.
Essay Breakdown
Introductory Paragraph
The introduction paragraph is the first paragraph of the essay and must summarize the basic plot of your chosen story and main idea of Sanders’ article. This first paragraph must end with a clear main idea statement (thesis).
The first body paragraph
The second paragraph in your essay must discuss your chosen story with regard to one of Sanders’ assertions for why we need stories. Basically, why is your story important and meaningful?
The second body paragraph
The third paragraph in your essay must discuss a second reason out of Sanders’ ten reasons for why your favorite story is significant for human beings.
Concluding Paragraph
The essay needs to have a fourth, conclusion, paragraph.
minimum of 600 words or your paper will receive a zero.
No less than four paragraphs or your paper will receive a zero.
Failure to meet the minimum will result in a zero for the essay, and the essay returned to you ungraded. Most important, however, is failure to meet the length requirement will result in an automatic F for the course due to Gordon Rule requirements. The essay may be resubmitted, but will be late (see syllabus for details).
Reminder from your syllabus:
State Board of Education Rule 6A-10.030, the Gordon Rule, requires that students complete with grades of C or better 12 credit hours in designated courses in which the student is required to demonstrate college-level writing skills through multiple assignments
Failure to complete ALL assigned essays and the annotated bibliography will result in an F for the course.
Individual essays UNDER the length requirement will not be accepted. Student can turn in completed essay late to meet Gordon Rule Requirements. See assignment sheets for individual length requirements.
Furthermore, if the essay is submitted late, the student will receive 10% grade deduction for each day late.
Works Cited (10 pts)
The very last page of your essay must be a works cited page with the entry for the Sanders article and the entry for the story you summarized/cited. Valencia’s librarians created these charts to help you format your entries:
MLA Citation for Online Magazine, Newspaper, or Journal ArticleLinks to an external site.
List of Charts for MLA Citations Including Book and DVDLinks to an external site.
No other research allowed for this!
Don’t know how to list your chosen story on a works cited page? Contact me! I’m glad to help 🙂
Watch the videos herein to format your essay in MLA and to format your works cited page properly: Formatting Your Essay and Bibliographic Entries in MLA
Conventions Grade: all or nothing grade.
Before you submit, be sure to edit and proofread your essay thoroughly (use CTRL + F –or Command F with Macs– to find and remove all contractions–couldn’t must be changed to could not; must’ve must be changed to must have, for instance–and remove the words got/get, you, and that unless used in a direct quote from the article or story). If I see any use of the above words and contractions, the grade for conventions will be a zero.
Link to “The most human art”

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