American Literature

“This book by any yet unread, I leave for you when I am dead, that being gone, h

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“This book by any yet unread, I leave for you when I am dead, that being gone, here you may find what was your living mother’s mind. Make use of what I leave in love, and God shall bless you from above.” – Anne Bradstreet
Early European Accounts and Colonization, 1613-1700 – Due by Sunday
Reading Response assignments are intended to gauge your ability to understand and enter into conversation about issues that are raised by the course readings. Reading Responses are more personal and conversational than the more formal, objective Essays that will be written on alternate weeks.
For this Reading Response, choose TWO (2) of the required readings for the week. Aim for diversity in your choice of texts (fiction/nonfiction/poetry, gender/race/locale of authors, etc.); show relationships between texts that might be unexpected. Each response will contain the following:
A description of your understanding of each work’s significance within the context of other readings from the unit, class discussions, etc.
An explanation of why you chose to put those particular 2 works into conversation with each other. Spend some time making observations about the ways these works shed light on one another and what broader understanding can be gained about American literature, history, or culture from looking at the 2 works together.
A personal response to the works.
The Reading Response should be 2-3 pages long, and should allot equal space to each of the 2 texts.
No research is needed for the Reading Responses outside of the required readings (although you can refer to the editors’ author and section introductions).
While these will not be formal, thesis-based essays, the writing should be clear and thoroughly proofread, and the organization should be clear.
Give concrete evidence from all texts to support your observations.
References should be cited using MLA style.
The writing done for the reading response should be significantly different than that done for the Discussion assignment.

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