This week you will learn about quadratic equations. This is one of the most comm

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This week you will learn about quadratic equations. This is one of the most common equations in mathematics, with a number of applications in real-world situations.
Respond to the following in a minimum of 175 words:
Write about a problem you have encountered or could encounter where a quadratic equation is useful.
What is the solution to the problem you discussed?
Respond to these post 75 word each
I would hate to fit into a stereotype but thankfully in the state of Texas we are fortunate enough to have open carry. Prior to the new law kicking in, I did seek proper instruction before it became so accessible. This being said, I went regularly to a shooting range that not only explained the laws, but also provided us with proper technique. From proximity to types of ammo and even targets, we were given certain instruction that could be translated into a quadratic formula. Having small children, I wanted to make sure they were protected in case of a break-in at our home. We were also told that there is a difference from shooting at a range than what a real-life scenario would look like, and that is where our family ranch comes into play. I know with the weather cooling down, I am invited to a yearly hunt to gather our families holiday meal. Although I cannot bring myself to hunting, I do get to see the equations change a bit with a live target being a factor against the norm.
In the past discussion posts, I have been relating the math equations to job duties I do on a daily basis at my workplace, relating the content to an exercise I do on a daily basis is what helped me fully understand the course work, Unfortunately, I could not relate the quadratic equations we practiced on class this week to a work-related exercise to help me understand the content, Admittedly this is making it a little hard to understand and I had to work extra hard to learn the content of this week’s lessons. even though I can’t find an example from my own experiences that does not mean that they are not useed so i did some ertra research to come up with the best example to help me understand quadratic equation and what iI came up with was calculating the speed of a kayak going up and down a river. An example is that the river is moving at a speed of 2km/hour if the kayak goes against the current at 15 km and it takes him 3 hours there and back. The equation would be 3 hours = 15 / (x – 2) + 15 / (x + 2). when you turn this into a quadratic equation it becomes 3x^2 – 30x -12 = 0. with x = the speed of 10.39km/hr

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