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For the Homework Assignment, watch the video entitled “Ben Goldacre: Battling Bad Science” and use Chapter 2 to identify and describe four of the problems that Ben Goldacre discusses in his TED Talk. Although he is focusing on epidemiology research in his talk, his talk is equally as relevant for the field of psychology. For each example that Ben Goldacre highlights, briefly describe the example, state the problem using the terminology in Chapter 2 of your textbook, and briefly explain why it is a problem (according to the textbook).
Do not copy and paste anything from the textbook but try to state it in your own words. It can be difficult to summarize using your own words but do your best. The only way to get better at summarizing information in your own words is to practice.
Please complete your assignment using the Homework Assignment Template below. You can use that publish by replacing the text with your own writing, but be sure to keep the formatting the same as the publish.
Your assignment must be submitted as a Microsoft Word document or as a pdf. The formatting should be double-space with Times New Roman, 12 pt font. Your assignment should have a title page, headers, page numbers, and a references page — all in APA format. The assignment should be approximately 1.5 – 2 pages double spaced, not including the title page or references (so approximately 4 pages with the title page and references). The textbook needs to be included as a reference and an in-text citation, as it is the primary source for the course and therefore for this assignment.
Here is the grading rubric for this assignment:
• Briefly describe each example = 8 points (2 points per example)
• Briefly state and describe each problem using information from the textbook = 8 points (2 points per example) =
• Develop one question about any of the research described in the TED Talk or any of the research described in Chapter 2 of your textbook = 2 points
o This is not a research question. It can be any question you have about any of the research or information in Chapter 2.
o It is alright if you’re uncertain about your question. The purpose of this part of the assignment is to practice developing questions of your own. Any new question you develop will earn full points.
• Formatting = 2 points
Format, grammar, spelling (2 pts):
• Excellent APA format, grammar, spelling with very few errors = 2 pts
• Some errors = 1 pt
• Multiple mistakes that could have been caught with careful proof-reading = 0 pts
IMPORTANT: Every section of this assignment must be written in your own words. Quotes are not allowed and any evidence of copying/pasting will result in an automatic F.

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