Week 1 Written Assignment ____________________________________________ In a 2 pa

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Week 1 Written Assignment
In a 2 page (no more than) paper (not including title page and references if used) using APA format (Title page, Times Roman font, 12pt type size, double-spaced with indented first line of paragraphs), write in first person a description of your education philosophy (Note: that this is the only assignment that uses first person writing; all other papers are written in third person. Samples are posted in CR).
Often an educational philosophy will be required when applying for a teaching (k-12), faculty (higher ed), or community educator position. One’s educational philosophy is beyond the simple statement of “I like to teach.” The educational philosophy should serve not only as a guide as you progress through your career but also an indication to someone hiring you how you will handle yourself in the education field. It demonstrates knowledge and understanding of education practices (i.e., approaches or theories) and is often based on, or evolves from, professional experience and your own education. Some questions you might to want to ask yourself in constructing your philosophy are: What is my role as a teacher? What is the student’s and teacher’s responsibility in learning? What do I hope to bring to the classroom or learning environment? What attributes or characteristics do I possess that enable me to be a good educator?
Required Parts:
1. The first part of the assignment must include a description of your teaching style, kinds of teaching, and preferred approach to teaching at either the k-12 or higher ed levels (or in an informal education environment such as a community if you are an educator/allied health practitioner working in the field).
2. The second part of this assignment is an explanation of how your educational philosophy benefits the learners, students, and/or the organization/place of employment. These are all applications of your chosen MSE concentration to the field (i.e., why you chose your concentration and what it offers you in your work after graduation).

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